Martial arts basics for preschoolers (2-4 y.o.) and their parents

We have so many children with 2-3 languages so we decided it's time to open



Please register for your free taster class - spots are very limited (seriously).
Bring a drinking bottle, clean feet and comfy clothes.

Thursday at 4 pm

Kolonnenstrasse 26, first entrance on the backyard ("Haus 2")
Aikido Dojo Tomosei is in the 3rd floor
10829 Berlin-Schöneberg

Monthly fee:
50,- Euros
for siblings and siblings of Tomosei students


My child is 1.5 years old. Can we participate in your classes?
The child has to be able to run and ideally it does not need the breast anymore.
The rest becomes clear in the taster class.

Where are you located?
We use the space of the Aikido Dojo Tomosei. You will find us in the Kolonnenstraße 26, 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg. Use the first entrance after the gateway  (it says "Haus 2") and take the stairs to the 2nd floor or the elevator to the 3rd floor.

Why cannot I book and pay for single sessions?
We have a cozy space and don't like it when it's crowded. So we'd like to know in advance, how many of our old friends are coming and how many new kids will be there.

My child has a disability, can we still participate?
Please ask your doctor to issue a health certificate confirming the ability of your child to participate in sports classes. You always participate at your own risk.

What do you do in a class?
Everything we do is based on play. The class begins and ends with a mindfulness ritual. The first part consists of a warm-up, falling and rolling, challenge exercises and play fight. After that we have a short break. The second part involves tools such as gymnastic balls,  targets, mitts, etc.
We do have routines, but essentially every class is unique. Our kids learn to hit, kick, roll, hold and can already perform some aikido techniques such as kokyu nage and ikkyo omote waza.

Who can accompany my child to the class?
Ideally a parent or a guardian. Our kids come with mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, aunt or nanny. The most important thing here is that it's an adult who carries responsibility for the child and is ready to participate in the class. We couldn't gather positive experiences with older siblings, unfortunately. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child's actions and well-being at all times while attending our dojo.

Do adults participate in the class?
As much as they possibly can! The adults help the kids to do exercises, act as role models and sparring partners. The ones who have a handicap are assisted by the teacher. All in all, our adults learn and train as well.

Can I leave my child in the dojo and get out for a second?
NO, unless it's about using the toilet.
The adult must accompany the child at all time in our dojo. The legal responsibility for the child (Aufsichtspflicht) remains on your part.

I'm pregnant, can I still participate?
Yes, as much as you feel comfortable (in other words: at your own responsibility). You'll receive assistance from the teacher when doing exercises that require (belly) strength.

Can I bring my baby along?
Yes, with a number of BUT's. Our experience has shown that a second adult in your team is a big help, since the class is perceived by the kids as quality time with mom/dad. They behave worse and participate less if the mother is preoccupied with the baby instead of the child she intended to assist in the first place. Besides, bigger kids running around can potentially endanger a baby lying/crawling on the floor. Using a bassinet helps, but not so much.

I don't know what to do with my big child during the class.
Your big one can participate in aikido training by Aikido Dojo Tomosei - they offer classes for kids aged 5 and above. Yes, you can have both (all three, four...) kids reasonably occupied at the same place and time.

What happens during the school break and holidays?
Our kids are not affected by the school break - the classes run as usual. This also applies to the long summer break. You are welcome to bring the big siblings along during the break.
No training on national holidays .

Can I train with another group if I missed a class?
Usually our students stick to their groups (remember: 8 kids per class max.). Please ask your teacher if there is a free spot on the date of your choice (we usually know if someone is on vacation, ill, etc.)

My child is sick, so we cannot come. Do I still have to pay?
You will  need a confirmation from your doctor. In that case the contract is prolonged by the duration of absence/illness. That means you will get as many classes for free as you have missed. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

What happens if a class is cancelled?
An alternative time will be found.

Still got questions?
Mail them to bumbumbudo@gmail.com


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Bum Bum Budo

Kolonnenstr. 26, Haus 2, 2. OG

10829 Berlin Schoeneberg


+49 176 34273153
(9 am to 3 pm)

Opening hours

Monday: 4PM-6PM

Wednesday: 4PM-6PM

Thursday: 4PM-6PM