mit Kristianne

Zeit und Ort:

Freitags um 19:30 Tai Chi Neukölln, Anzengruberstr. 13, 12043 Berlin

Martial Dancing combines the discipline and wisdom from Kung Fu with the explorative nature of movement studies in Dance Improvisation. This creates a well-rounded understanding of the body and its relationship to environment and how to hone the conscious control of the practitioner's qi, or life energy. This way the new skills are immediately applied to the body in an explorative way. In this class, participants are encouraged to explore the movements with their own approach to it. Beginning with basics of Kung Fu footwork, stances, blocking by using circular motion, strikes and kicks, understanding the difference between the circular and linear motions and how to create a combination of both motions into a spiral and eventually to learning traditional Kung Fu forms. These fundamental movements are explored through improvisation, which transforms the new information to different exercises and a higher level awareness in the body.

Your teacher: Kristianne Rey Salcines
Kristianne Salcines is a professional martial artist and dancer. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Cognitive Science and Dance (University of California in San Diego) and a Master's degree in Dance and Choreography (UCLA).
Kristianne is trained in Northern Style Chinese Martial Arts, Mei Hwa Chang Quan (Plum Blossom Long Fist Kung Fu), Yang Taiji Quan, Taiji Qigong, Chen Taiji, Chen Cannonfist, Praying Mantis and Pigua forms. She incorporates the epistemologies of Filipino Martial Arts and other Southeast Asian movement practices such as Qigong, Taiji, and Kung Fu in her movement practices. Martial Dancing became the combination of Kung Fu and 16 years of dance training. Utilizing the classical Kung Fu principles and implementing movement curiosity and exploration of improvisation in dance, Martial dancing is the meeting point of wisdom of an ancient martial arts and the agility of  Contemporary dance improvisation.